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“Peak Asset Management was paramount in facilitating funding in our next stage of growth. Peak’s deep network connected us with a global venture capital fund, that together with Peak, contributed $1m+ of the $4.2m series A funding round. They truly understand the investment landscape from both the entrepreneur and the investors’ perspectives and facilitated a deal that reflected this. We can see that Peak is building a great business and we look forward to working closely together in the future.”


Bridget Loudon | CEO & Founder, Expert360

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At Peak, we are planning on initiating a fund that is devoted entirely to investing in special opportunities in the ASX like IPOs and rights placements. Investors interested in viewing our handpicked selection of upcoming IPOs in the stock market should get in touch with us .

A year in review: have IPOs in 2015 given us an indication of what to invest in 2016?

In 2015, the Australian market raised $4.4 billion dollars across 48 IPO listings. The share prices of the newly listed companies have increased by an average of 7.2% while the ASX 200 market index has declined by 4.1% in the same time frame. There is no doubt that the IPO marketplace in 2016 will have the potential to generate significant returns for investors. The key question is: which IPOs are most likely to have more success than others?


Source: Deloitte

Based on the capital raisings in 2015, companies operating in the technology, communications and media sectors systematically outperformed their peers. Superloop, a company that specialises in network connectivity in the Asia-Pacific space, generated a return of 120% for the investors that bought Superloop’s shares at their initial listing.

Does this mean that investors should invest in tech companies that plan on listing? The answer is yes and no. While tech companies are exciting, they carry significant downside risk due to the lack of physical assets on their balance sheets. Investors should assess carefully whether the tech companies have sound business models and sufficient managerial expertise before investing.

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