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“Peak Asset Management was paramount in facilitating funding in our next stage of growth. Peak’s deep network connected us with a global venture capital fund, that together with Peak, contributed $1m+ of the $4.2m series A funding round. They truly understand the investment landscape from both the entrepreneur and the investors’ perspectives and facilitated a deal that reflected this. We can see that Peak is building a great business and we look forward to working closely together in the future.”


Bridget Loudon | CEO & Founder, Expert360

Investment Options

As an investor, you have a range of investment options to explore. Each investment option is subject to its own risk and return and Peak advises first-time investors to consult an industrial professional before they decide which investment option is most appropriate for them.


A share represents a unit of ownership in a financial entity. Investing in shares can often have tax advantages due to franking credits and dividends.

Managed funds

A managed fund allows an investment manager to invest your money for you. At Peak, we manage a number of portfolios that help you manage your money securely.

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Managed accounts

Managed accounts allow you in invest in shares and other assets handpicked by professional investors. Because you have direct ownership of the asset, dividend payments and imputation credits are paid directly to you.

This investment option may result in tax benefits for you.

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Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) Set Up

Self-Managed Super Funds are for people who wish to make the investment decisions themselves for their superannuation. It is designed for people who have extensive knowledge and experience in the financial and legal industry.

At Peak, we help clients set up their SMSF’s and offer all SMSF managers the opportunity to navigate the financial markets with our cutting edge technology. SMSF managers who have had their SMSF set up by us will also gain access to Peak’s market wrap and preferential allocations to hand-selected corporate deals.

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