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“Peak Asset Management was paramount in facilitating funding in our next stage of growth. Peak’s deep network connected us with a global venture capital fund, that together with Peak, contributed $1m+ of the $4.2m series A funding round. They truly understand the investment landscape from both the entrepreneur and the investors’ perspectives and facilitated a deal that reflected this. We can see that Peak is building a great business and we look forward to working closely together in the future.”


Bridget Loudon | CEO & Founder, Expert360

What is ethical investing?

Ethical investing aims to reconcile good investment returns with personal values. Ethical investments target companies that are considered to be ethically responsible to either the community or the environment and abstains from companies and industries that are considered to be ethically undesirable.

At Peak, we offer an ethical portfolio that is dedicated to making good investments in ethically responsible entities. We are constantly following the market and only offer the most suitable investments for you.

Why is ethical investing important?

As concerns about climate change, corporate governance and business sustainability grow, companies are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable and ethically responsible corporate practices. As an ethical investor, you aren’t just making good investments for higher returns, you’re investing in companies that are paving the way to the future.

Does ethical investment sacrifice returns?

Because ethical investment excludes investment in certain industries and stocks, ethical portfolios tend to have reduced diversification benefits compared to some of their market peers. However, this does not necessarily mean that ethical portfolios generate lower returns.

In fact, historical performance compiled by the Ethical Investment Association suggests that Australian Equity Socially Responsible Investment funds actually outperformed their market counterparts in 2005. Ethical investments make for good investments.

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