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Joe May | Director, ECM, Lodge Corporate


Expert360 operates an online global platform that connects industry experts and customers to market their skills, knowledge, and expertise.
Expert360 is a privately held company. Peak raised $1m+ via a global venture capital investor.
MPL provides private health insurance and health solutions in Australia and New Zealand, including hospital insurance, as well as life, travel, and pet insurance services. Peak investors entered at $2.00. MPL reached a day 1 high of $2.20+ or 10%+ returns.
CM8 is an Australian technology Company focused on mobile software and services, including applications and messaging services.
Peak investors entered at $0.16, netting a return of 47%.
RAP is developing digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage respiratory disease.
Peak investors entered at $0.20. RAP reached a high of $0.47, up 135% in less than two months.

8CO develops and distributes software-as-a-service solutions in Australia, Singapore, and Canada. The company offers Expense8, Perform8 and Ubertor.
Peak investors entered at $0.25. 8CO opened up 12% with a day 1 high of +18%.
SW1 is a Digital Entertainment business that provides fully integrated solutions to the resources sector, with continued penetration of larger verticals such as the Hospitality, Lifestyle Village and Aged Care sectors.
Peak investors entered at $0.15, reaching a high of $0.25, up 67%.
IOT has a strong product pipeline in the Internet of Things space. Current products include smart wearable devices and facial recognition flying selfie camera, ROAM-e.
Peak investors entered at $0.032. IOT reached a high of $0.18 in less than two months.
Paradigm is an Australian biopharmaceutical company focused on bone marrow edema (BME) and respiratory diseases.
PAR listed at $0.35, reaching a day 1 high +20%.