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“Peak Asset Management was paramount in facilitating funding in our next stage of growth. Peak’s deep network connected us with a global venture capital fund, that together with Peak, contributed $1m+ of the $4.2m series A funding round. They truly understand the investment landscape from both the entrepreneur and the investors’ perspectives and facilitated a deal that reflected this. We can see that Peak is building a great business and we look forward to working closely together in the future.”


Bridget Loudon | CEO & Founder, Expert360

Foreign Investment opportunities in Australia

Foreign Investment Australia continues to drive significant growth for the economy. In their February 2016 working paper, the Australian Treasury indicated that the level of foreign investment relative to GDP in Australia has increased over the past few years.

This indicates that Australia continues to remain attractive as an investment opportunity destination for foreign investors.

Investment Opportunities

Benefits of Foreign Business Investment in Australia

Foreign investment in business opportunities in Australia finance the gap between the national investment and savings in Australia. Not only does foreign investment increase living standards for Australians by fuelling current consumption, it also drives economic growth by financing business investment opportunities within Australia.

Although foreign investment increases Australia’s foreign debt position, Australia’s level of national debt remains healthy and ranks 112th out of 161 countries for its debt-to-GDP ratio. This makes foreign investment in business opportunities in Australia attractive for both foreigners and Australians alike.

Advantages of Investing in Investment Opportunities in Australia

During the global financial crisis, superannuation funds in Australia consistently outperformed their overseas peers in generating returns.

This indicates that the Australian financial market continues to remain as a viable investment alternative for Australian and foreign investors.

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